GENIUS AULAD® leading preschool was established with the dream of bringing quality of preschools to
a greater high based on Islamic principles, English emphasis, and cheerful well-designed facilities.

Since December 2000, GENIUS AULAD® has swiftly broken preschool norms around the nation especially in
its educational approach and enthusiastic children events and has risen to become the nation’s best.

With a network that grows organically to over 53 centres to date which spans through Kuala Lumpur, Selangor,
Seremban, Melaka, Johor , Perak ,Kedah, Kelantan, Penang and with Australia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia
in the pipeline, GENIUS AULAD® continues to pave the way for reputable Islamic preschools through
our innovative ideas of facilities , continuous pedagogical improvement and a passionate approach
to education and children's development.

Together with our associate companies, UNDER THE LEMON TREE ACADEMY as the refreshing Parenting
and Teaching Academy, and ASSIST10 Sdn Bhd as the creative facility builder, GENIUS AULAD® is
set to nurture the young Muslims to an all new high with our belief, "Lessons Beyond Classroom!".


We make the reputable preschool model possible through
the implementation of the following key strategies,

• Children First :
Making sure that we give all out for students to ensure that education and events for the children
will be the most significant memories and lessons that will lead
them to a better world here and the world hereafter.

• Creative Well-Designed Facilities :
Partnering with trusted creative facility builders ,carefully selected maintenance providers
and complying with the national and International standard operations.

• Continuous Content and Delivery Improvement :
Studying the effectiveness of learning materials at all levels by continuously producing and publishing own
books and learning materials which understands and meet the needs of young muslim learners.

• Cost-Effective :
Maintaining the most reasonable preschool fee, without compromising on quality and services.

• Constant and Consistent Monitoring :
Conducting careful planning of scheduled monthly Centre visits , Monthly teachers coaching,
Weekly centre managers and teachers academic discussions, Daily individual report of every student,
Termly and Yearly overall individual student report.

• Commited Dedicated Franchisees :
Selecting the franchisees through rigorous stages and apprenticeship tenure to carefully evaluate
the commitment and dedication of the franchisee in seeing the brand not as a business but as
a commitment and social obligation to be shouldered.


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