Independent and often may attempt new experiences. However, a child this age lacks the judgment of an older child and requires more supervision. There is growing concern about the self-care trend with children. It is never appropriate to leave school children unattended. Laws would call this child neglect. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment. There are several ways you can assist your children in keeping themselves safe. Teach them to recite their name, address, phone number including area code and place of parent employment. Teach them to use the telephone and the 911 system if it is available. Post emergency numbers. Teach them a regular pattern of travel to and from school, parks and stores. Teach that there’s safety in numbers and to use the buddy system. Identify “safe houses” in your neighborhood in town or “safe places” for farm and rural children. Practice fire drills and other responses to emergencies at home. Teach what is and is not safe to play with around your home. With the right knowledge and the right actions taken, Insya Allah, our families will continue to be safe.


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